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Quest System Targets-Rewards

Hi, my name is Víctor and I'm developing a Quest System with rewards in my videogame.

The Quest System should works as I indicate:

- One player join to a play session

- The player defeat different kind of targets for different quests

- When player finish the play session a script should decide if this targets are valid for finishing the active quests.

The way I though to do this is by creating a Real-Time Script getting all the target information during the play sesion but all the documentation I found on gamesparks speaks about real time scripting between 2 or more players...

What should I do ? The reason why I want to make it in real-time script is to avoid cheating on quest system but as I see in gamesparks you can only execute real time scripting between 2 or more players....

I also saw that you can create a Match with only one player, Matchmaking with one player + realtime script would be the solution ?

Any idea ?

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Okey, by now I got this by following GS tutorials...

Now can I suppose that If I run a real time script with the match... Could I get all the data I want from the client to the server ? For example, if my player have killed one enemy.

This kind of information could be given by the client to the server in real time and then store this information ?

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