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Leaderboard with Score and Time (Supplemental attribute problem)


For my project I have 1 event who fill 2 LBs (leaderbards), one for the Score (max is better) and one for the Time (Min is better), each partionned by LevelID, and I got it.
But now I want to save the player Time in the ScoreLB and player Score in the TimeLB when he do a better Score/Time, I duplicate my time and score attribute for have kind of "supplemental Time and Score", but i try all aggregation Type, that always Fail


-entry in ScoreLB: Score = 1000, Time = 10
-entry in TimeLB: Time = 10, Score = 1000
THEN Submit: Score = 2000, Time = 20

Want I want:
-entry in ScoreLB: Score = 2000, Time = 20 (entry updated cause 1000 > 2000, and Time too cause it's the Time for this Score)
-entry in TimeLB: Time = 10, Score = 1000 (entry not update cause 10 < 20, and Score not update cause 2000 is the score of time = 20 and note time = 10)

Want I Got:
-entry in ScoreLB: Score = 2000, Time = 20 (good and leggit)
-entry in TimeLB: Time = 10, Score = 2000 (Score has been updated cause it's the last event called even if the Time wasn't better

To resume, I want 1 event with 2 LB, all LB have 1 main attribute (updated if better) and a second Supplemental attribute (updated IF main attribute has ben updated) 

Anyone can Guide me ?
Thanks for yout help
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My mistakes was to register my Time and Score in 2 LB with 1 Event, I doubled the event, and the  Supplemental attribute work !!
The end ! 

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