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Authentication from website to GameSparks

It's possible share the (Username) and the (Password) created from the users on my website, with GameSparks?

Have you looked at the REST API? Can you use it to register a new user? Then you could register new users from literally any application.

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 can you give an example how the REST API work?

You can find that in the GameSparks docs. It explains the REST API and how to use it. You're gonna want to make a RegistrationRequest!/Authentication/post_rs_credential_secret_RegistrationRequest

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 Thanks, but maybe it's better that i explain what i want to do...

So i use an CMS (Content management system) like Drupal 7 to make websites.
You can download it here:

What i want to do is: An user sign up his account on my website and automatically his (Username) and his (Password) they are sent to GameSparks.

Also, i have discovered the Single sign-on systems.

But i don't know if the Single sign-on can work with GameSparks.

So, what is the best way to do whant i want?

Or is it impossible?

If my understanding of the Gamesparks docs are correct, you can use the RegistrationRequest to create a GameSparks account for your game using the REST API. If Drupal supports making HTTP Posts you should be good to do it that way.

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I think Drupal is able to do HTTP Posts.

Look here:

It's correct?

Yes, that looks correct.

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 Hi, yesterday after 4 hours... i have found this video.

Please can you see it? It's only 9 minutes.

This is the REST system of Drupal 8.

I want to know from you if i'm on the right way.

Because if the answer is yes then i can study these things.

Patrick, keep digging man... software development is hard, and takes time.. after while, something like this you will be able to do in your sleep.

You were closer with the first link rather than the last one. You want to CALL a rest API, meaning make POST/GET requests to it.. you don't want to CREATE your own REST API.. you want to use GameSparks.

Try watching something that explains the concepts first:

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Hi, i have found this:

Here a video demostration

Maybe this is the right way...

Please you can see this IMAGE?

I want to know only if i'am on the right direction.

(48.6 KB)

I have no idea, as I have never used drupal before.

Don't confuse "setting up a REST Server", for "POSTING to a REST Server"

What you want to do is POST (and GET) to another REST Server. You already found out how to do that:

This topic may be more advanced for you. I would suggest taking a step back and doing all of this more slowly. Software development is hard. You can't just do everything at once from no experience. If you understand the basic concepts of programming & APIs, you will be able to read the documentation of Drupal & GameSparks and figure out what to do.

Based on your replies, my guess is that you're in over your head right now. Man, take a step back. Rome wasn't built in a day. You aren't going to make an MMO tommorow... baby steps.

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 Sure thanks, the important thing is that I am very motivated :D

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