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REST API Put Property

Hi, I'm trying to change one of my property's fields using REST api in cloud code with put request. When I want to set the body of the PUT, it doesn't work and gives me this error:

json can't serialize type : class org.mozilla.javascript.ConsString 

what should I do?

var myProperty = "testtesttest_1";

var url = "{apikey}/config/~properties/" + myProperty;

var propertyId = "/~properties/" + myProperty;

body = 


  "@id": propertyId,

  "description": "Test rest api",

  "name": myProperty,

  "shortCode": myProperty,



      "CoinReward_ForMatch": 15000,

      "CoinReward_Others": 3,

      "TheBool": false



var TheHttpUrl = Spark.getHttp(url);

TheHttpUrl.setBasicAuth(myUsername, myPassword);

TheHttpUrl.setHeaders({"Accept": "application/json"});

TheHttpUrl.setHeaders({"Content-Type": "application/json"});

var response = TheHttpUrl.putJson(body);

var response_string = response.getResponseJson();

var response_code = response.getResponseCode();

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Facing same issue, any way to resolve?

try this 
body = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(body));

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