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How to Join a challenge that I Issued myself?

What I'm trying to achieve - 

I wish to create a multiplayer experience in which a player can create a room and immediately join it on his own, waiting for other players that may join or leave freely.

When the room becomes empty I would like it to be expired.

All is done in Unity.

What I've done - 

I have generated a public challenge with no limitations on player amount - 

 new CreateChallengeRequest()
                .SetChallengeMessage("New event")
                .SetEndTime(DateTime.Now + TimeSpan.FromDays(7))
                .Send((response) =>
                    if (response.HasErrors)
                    { // check for errors
                        Debug.LogError("GSM| Event Creation Error \n" + response.Errors.JSON);
                        Debug.Log("GSM| Generated event " + response.ChallengeInstanceId + " ");


What happened - 

The Challenge seems to have been created as I can see it when I call for ListChallengeRequest with ISSUED as the state. 

However, I don't receive neither the ChallengeJoinedMessage nor the ChallengeIssuedMessage even though the documentation states - 

Not declaring a start time means the Challenge will start if the minimum number of players are met. If minimum players is not declared, the Challenge will start when at least one player joins the Challenge.If the access type of the challenge is set to PUBLIC, the challenge will not start - the issuer of the challenge will will get a ChallengeJoinedMessage but the challenge remains in ISSUED state.

How can I achieve my goal of starting a challenge with one player in it while still enabling other players to join freely?


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