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Issues when trying to connect with different userIds from the same machine in Unity

I'm currently testing GameSparks with Unity and I love it.

I ran a little test where I do the following:

foreach player in a given list

- log in

- call a simple event that returns the userId, using the following cloud code:

var playerId = Spark.getPlayer().getPlayerId();

Spark.setScriptData("playerId", playerId);

- compare with the userId returned upon login response

- logout (in fact I don't do anything to log out, I am assuming that the next login will invalidate the current authentication, but I might be wrong)

What I see is that those two are sometimes different, and I can't figure out why.

I ran the same test with TestHarness and I never get this problem.

Is there anything specific to know about login/logout in C# in Unity ?

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Hey francois, how are you authenticating your users. Is this a social media authentication or device authentication or the traditional login and password built off the tutorial? I think a little more information may help in helping you out. Thanks, ryan
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