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Launching Game and Authentication

Hello all,

I have two question regarding launching and development with mobile phone. I am using Unity SDK by the way. 

  1. I am using Device Authentication, and I found out that if I uninstall and install the game back, the data are still there. And I am worried that if people going to sell their devices to other people and new owner can access the data when they install the game. I want to know how this can be prevented.
  2. I am about launch my game using GameSparks. Is there any agreement to accept or other things to consider or take action? I don't want to miss anything which causes players not being able to access the service just because there are things I need to take care of before launching.
Thank you.


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Hi derek, thats exciting to hear. Congratulations. I would recommend initially having them start as device authenticated. Then offer them when they update their name to switch to something like google authentication (or some form of social media). At that point just warn them that if they dont take the option that their account is device bound. Hooefully that should help. Cheers, Ryan
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