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Because of how I login it may appear that I have more MAU than I do

I'm on the indie programme

My game is going to launch on October 14th.

My game is an online pvp game made in Unity, built to WebGL.

I'm using GameSparks for the realtime multiplayer.

My game has no login screen as thats a barrier to entry, (same reason I used webgl, as installing is a barrier to entry)

So I save a password and username using Unity's PlayerPrefs.. If a saved one (which we logged in with succesfully in the past) is present we login with that.. If not we generate a new one and register / login with that.

The issue is that this technique may generate lots of accounts for the same person. If they clear their cache, or play on a different browser, or on a different host (eg. kongregate,, or gamejolt ) they'll get a new account.. They may even get a new one whenever I update the game on the host (not sure about that)

Will this inflate my MAU score?? There probably wont be much danger of going over the 100,000 mark, but just in case I'd like to know... 

Do I need to worry about this?


Can you use device based auth instead of generating a un/ps for them? It may help prevent dupes

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@Drew Ferraro... Yeah thats no problem.. I did that at 1st, but then I tried the current saved un/ps way of doing it as I thought it might help..

It would really help me if you could explain (or point me to the right doc, I cant seem to find it) on how gamesparks device authentication works for Unity WebGL.. eg how does it differentiate one device from another?


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