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GameSparks Unity SDK BROKEN !


I installed GameSparks SDK and TestUI not working it give me error

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
GameSparks.Api.QueuePersistor.Read (GameSparks.Core.GSInstance gsInstance) (at c:/jenkins/workspace/clientsdk-dotnet-rt-tls/GameSparks.Api/QueuePersistor.cs:73)
GameSparks.Core.GSInstance.InitialisePersistentQueue () (at c:/jenkins/workspace/clientsdk-dotnet-rt-tls/GameSparks.Api/Core/GSInstance.cs:830)
GameSparks.Core.GSInstance.Initialise (IGSPlatform platform) (at c:/jenkins/workspace/clientsdk-dotnet-rt-tls/GameSparks.Api/Core/GSInstance.cs:320)
GameSparks.Core.GS.Initialise (IGSPlatform gSPlatform) (at c:/jenkins/workspace/clientsdk-dotnet-rt-tls/GameSparks.Api/Core/GS.cs:47)
GameSparks.Platforms.PlatformBase.Start () (at Assets/GameSparks/Platforms/PlatformBase.cs:250)

my unity version 2018.2.8f1
and I checked the GameSparks API Key and GameSparks API Secret

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You sure its 2018.2, I didnt have a problem on there it was when I upgraded to 2018.3 that did it

fixed by make new project .

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