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PushRegistrationRequest NOTAUTHORIZED


I am using Unity with Firebase CM. I just set up and obtained a FB token for an android client, put the server key inside Gamesparks integration, also the message json.

Can somebody help me with some pointers regarding the error I receive in Test Harness : 

  "@class": ".PushRegistrationResponse",
  "error": {
    "authentication": "NOTAUTHORIZED"

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Hi Daniel,

Typically a "NOTAUTHORIZED" error while sending requests in GameSparks would indicate that you are not authenticated while sending the request. 

Would you be able to ensure that you are authenticated as a player in your Test Harness using RegistrationRequest or AuthenticationRequest before sending your PushRegistrationRequest?

Let me know if that works for you!



Yes, That worked

I believed I can send a request for the authenticated real user ( outside test harness);

 After I authenticated a user inside test it worked. 

Thank you

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