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Need Help for Leaderboard with 2nd ID


For my game, I need a classic LB, with partition for level, and if you do a best score, that erase your previous score, and I have it.
But in my game, the player can change his Name, and if he do this, his new score can't erase score with another PlayerName, and I have it too.

So my event has 3 attributes, PayerName (a String as ID) Score (a Number) and a LevelID (a Number as partition)

But I have some problem now, if I want to get my score, or to get the score Around me, GS classic request doesn't work, cause I can't say that I want the data of MY PlayerName (not just GS userName or playerID) or the data around MY PlayName

The secound problem is, if you don't performed a better score, I don't register it, but, to show the ranking of my player of this score (not his best, the score that he just performed) I still need the entries around his score, so I need a request where you send a Score, and he will find me 1 or 2 entries around that score

I know that I can use event with cloud code, but even with tutorial I don't really know how to begin.
If you can guide me, it will be really cool

Thanks for you help

(sorry, I'm not native English)

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