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createPendingMatchWithCustomQuery + Custom Participants Data and skill


I think the createPendingMatchWithCustomQuery is Great when you want to start a matchmaking for a group of people such an Party Matchmaking but it has few important issue with it. 

First is that we can't pass in Individual Participants Data to be used in the Matchmaking Custom Script or later down the match found and such. for example if you want to have a team matchmaking and something like factions added to the matchmaking you can't easily do that since we can't set the participant data. We could use the custom query for faction but once they are joining we don't know which faction they would want to join.

Second is the Skill level, Let's say we would like to do a party matchmaking , we pass in the total skill level of all the members in the party, but if let's say one of the members disconnects or leaves the matchmaking the skill level is gonna be wrong at that point since the system doesn't know about individual levels.

It would be great to have a function to call and pass in an array of players object such as SparkMatchedPlayer or something similar instead of Spark Players , in this case we could pass in an array of objects :


player : {SparkPlayer},
participantData : {Object},
skill : {number}

Now with this Object we can set Individual Participant Data and Skill Level . When players leaving , the system can remove and re-calculate the skill level more accurately. During the matchmaking custom script we can get individual participant data.


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