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How to implement Gamesparks to Godot

Hello everyone!

I am using Godot engine and I already tested Google Play Services and was wondering if I should instead use Gamesparks.

Godot uses a system of external modules, in the case I am interested in I am talking about Android modules.

These modules are really rare for now for this engine and I think it would be nice to have choices (and up-to-dates choices in fact).

To implement external libraries into Godot here are some information you might find useful:

A module made to use Google Play Games Service:

And the steps to create an android module and compiling the engine for android:

I would like to create a module for Gamesparks, the thing is I would need help to start with it.

I know I should more or less follow the steps describes there:

The documentation is clear but I am not sure how to really implement it with the Godot game engine module system.

I am not asking for a full featured module and all, but more a kick start (a setup).

Thank you!

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