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How to implement simple host game / join game system for realtime game

I've already been using gamesparks automatic matchmaking for realtime games..


But how does one implement the basic manual form of matchmaking where..


* Players can host a game..


* Others players can browse all hosted games..


* Then they can join one particular game.


* Then the host can start the game..



I normally wouldnt ask such a basic question, But I'm trying to implement this for Thursday!! 


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I think I'm starting to get it...

For host games Im calling MatchmakingRequest and putting some random data in Matchdata

To find games  Im calling MatchmakingRequest, leaving Matchdata empty and then calling FindPendingMatchesRequest  .. I then use whether matchdata contains something to differentiate host players from client players...

One thing that is still confusing me is how do I cancel a Matchmaking request?? Lets say I have the period on the match set to a long time. How do I cancel the request if the player gives up looking for or hosting a game?

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