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What does the Retention % by day actually show?

As we have some difference in our own analytics and Gamesparks I would like to understand the Retention % by day   better. 

As I see it, it could be one of 3 variants:

  • The first day retention is 29 days ago, meaning if I'm interested if any changes I made had an impact on the first day retention I will have to wait 29 days to find out the result. 
  • The first day retention is an average of all the "first day cohorts" that has happened in 30 days. Still meaning I must wait 30 days to get a good view of what impact any change did.
  • The first day retention is always taken from the cohort one day ago, and the 30 day is based on the day 30 days ago.

Could you please shed some light on this?


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