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Issues load the iOS SDK in Swift

Currently working on an iOS game, and i've gotten to the point where i need to implement multiplayer functionality. I'm trying to load in the SDK into my project but am unable to properly import the module and i'm not quite sure whats going on. 

My project is in Swift. It seems like all you need to do is to import the files into your project, so I installed it with cocoapods and copied the source files over into my project, my files look like this:


In my bridging header, i have

    #ifndef SuperSpace_Bridging_Header_h

    #define SuperSpace_Bridging_Header_h

    #import <GS.h>

    #import <GSAPI.h>

    #endif /* SuperSpace_Bridging_Header_h */

and get no errors, everything compiles fine, however I have no access to the `GS` module that appears to be the core of the GameSparks SDK.

Maybe there is something about bridging between Objective-C and Swift that i'm not understanding? Maybe there is a step missing from the SDK Readme? I'd love to chat with somebody to work through this issue. Thanks!

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I forgot to mention I have added `import GameSparks` at the top of my file and get "No such module GameSparks"

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