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[UE4] Packaging Fails when nativizing Blueprints

Hi Guys, because I'm using quite some for loops for making structs and so on, but my whole game is made with blueprints, I want do use Nativization to save some perfomance. But as soon as I include Blueprints in which GameSparks Nodes are used or are in connection to them deploying stops and throws this error:

  Building 3 actions with 16 processes...
    Module.NativizedAssets.gen.cpp [armv7-es2]
    Module.NativizedAssets.cpp [armv7-es2]
    In file included from D:/Unreal Projects/MyGame/Intermediate/Plugins/NativizedAssets/Android/Game/Intermediate/Build/Android/UE4/Development/NativizedAssets/Module.NativizedAssets.cpp:2:
    In file included from D:\Unreal Projects\MyGame\Intermediate\Plugins\NativizedAssets\Android\Game\Source\NativizedAssets\Private\BPFL_Global__pf2819023808.cpp:397:
    In file included from D:/Unreal Projects/MyGame/Source\../Plugins/GameSparks/Source/GameSparks/Private/GameSparksLogEventData.h:7:
    In file included from D:/Unreal Projects/MyGame/Plugins/GameSparks/Source/GameSparks/Public\GameSparksModule.h:5:
    D:/Unreal Projects/MyGame/Plugins/GameSparks/Source/GameSparks/Public/IGameSparks.h(3,10) :  fatal error: 'ModuleManager.h' file not found
    #include "ModuleManager.h"

 So I thought I'll check out if it doesn't find 'ModuleManager.h', but opened in VisualStudio 2017 I get directly to the file if I click open document...

And as soon as I exclude all Blueprints connected  to GameSparks Nodes (or deactivated Nativization completely) the game packages just fine..

Unreal 4.20.1 is used but I got this problem also with 4.19.2
So is there any chance getting GameSparks in Unreal get to work with Blueprint Nativization?

Thank you,

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