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Real-Time vs Turn-Based for CCG

Hello. I am trying to make an online CCG using GameSparks and Unity, but I am rather confused about whether it would be better to use turn-based or real-time services. To give an example, I want it to be something like Hearthstone, where it is definitely turn-based but you can also see your opponent hovering over cards in their hand (which is real-time). Also, there may be times when you can do something (make a choice of cards, for example) on your opponent's turn. It seems to me that you have better real-time tutorials than turn-based ones (I am doing the Tank tutorial right now), and I would like to know how similar the two systems are (would learning turn-based help with doing real-time?). I know you have a Hearthstone tutorial, but that is not helpful to me as it has no connection to Unity and my cards will be ScriptableObjects in Unity, not JSONs on GameSparks. I really just want to know the differences between real-time and turn-based. Thank you.

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I would suggest building a very simple proof of concept using both methods.

I think you could probably pull of your game using turn based, if you are creative enough.

I think that real time will be a bit more complicated.

However you model your data on the client (e.g. SCriptableObjects), you will still need to have them modeled on the server as well.

I can't imagine how you'd build a CCG without using meta collections and GameDataService.

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