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Inventory System - Game Data Service

I'm assessing GameSparks for a RTS game I am working on an it will require an inventory system that supports things like randomly generated items, trading, etc.

I had planned on creating a system where each item was a document registered to a user, similar to the "Player Inventory and Item Management" tutorial, but as RuntimeCollections have been replaced with the Game Data Service that doesn't seem viable - mainly because of the request 100x limit to requests.

The only other recommendations I saw was to store the items inside an array, but that seems less than ideal.

Is there anyway to get more than 100 results out of the Game Data Services?  I was looking for a way to perhaps page results, like limit and skip?

I'm open to any other suggestions as well.

I'm a little scared about GameDataService and them removing Mongo access. Makes GameSparks less viable IMO. They don't seem responsive to these concerns at all. I'm wondering if anyone else feels this way as well and what alternatives people are pursuing. Roll your own backend via AWS?

Thanks for the advice.  It's not ideal, but I could probably make something like that work for now.

Make the PUID an indexed field to query your request with; limit inventory space like Diablo 3 does; make different tabs for inventory to query again. Make the residence of the item an indexed field: ChestTab1, etc.

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