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AuthenticationRequest Capital Letters recognision

Hi, my name is Víctor and i'm having a problem with the AuthenticationRequest function from gamesparks.

Let's suppose that there is a user registered on my database with this parameters:

username: victor

password: victor

Well, when I try to authenticate with this parameters there is no problem...


The problem appears when I try to log-in with the same username with capital letters inside the name...

In this image you can see that username = VICtor and "VICtor" is not supposed to be the same as "victor" but both requests are accessing the same account.


How can I solve this ?  Thanks in advance

Hi again...

I'm still having the same problem.

To sum up what I want is to know if this behaviour of the Authentication Request is normal, and if it is, how to make a discrimination between capital letters and normal letters on the authentication to consider that "victor" and "ViCtOr" is not the same account.

Hi Victor,

All userNames in GameSparks are stored as all-lowercase. Also, the value specified in the userName field of an AuthenticationRequest is converted to lowercase before being checked against the player database. This makes the registration and authentication processes case insensitive. What you are seeing is the expected behaviour. Currently there is no way to change this.



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