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Leaderboard in Test Harness returns data but actual leaderboard does not

To start off this is a unity game. I have a leaderboard but when I test to make sure I set up the event and the leaderboard correctly on the test harness I get back information. However when I try in my own game (yes I did take a snapshot  and updated my sdk) when I do and grab the leaderboard with LeaderboardDataRequest the data section of the return leaderboard is empty. I have another leaderboard that works perfectly fine with getting back the data so I know it isn't on the unity end of things. What is going on? I thought because I was getting back test data in the test harness that meant that the event and leaderboard were set up correctly.


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Hi John,

Is your client project pointed at the preview or live stage of you config? Is this the same stage your connected to when sending the request via Test Harness?



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