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Use Facebook(or any social platform) Connect as Distant Save

In our application we want user to be able to connect via Facebook and GameCenter. This connection is used only for distant saving purpose, I Explain:

An user wants to use another device than the one they usually uses, but wants their save back, for this, they first log into

Facebook, which will link their account to the gamesparks Datas (SetNotLinkToCurrentPlayer(false)).
Then they play on another device and log into facebook to get their data back.
The fact is even if I Manipulate SwitchIfPossible or SetNotLinkToCurrentPlayer I always end with getting only the distant save (which is linked to another device). Is there a proper and simple way via GameSparks Request to Merge the distant save into the local One (the user could choose to eras or not the datas from local/distant save), unlink the Facebook external ID to the other Device and link it to the local player?

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