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Push notifications are grey

Using Unity 2018.1.0f2

Using gamesparks FCM

-Notifications are sent and received fine, but the icon is always greyed out

This is my FCM templat for the message, ive tried both including and not including the icon part:


The Logo is stored under the path Assets/res/raw/Logo.jpg

And the defualt icon is set in the player settings

The messages themselves are received properly with their appropriate titles, content etc.

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Hi Dylan

Can you convert your icon to png format and in the JSON on GameSparks you only need the file name not the extension

For example 

"icon" : "Logo"



I have the icon in png format, same location, and fixed the icon in the message format, and tried without the icon part. The issue still exists :/



This is my android manifest, maybe it has something to do with this? 


Or maybe this?

Im not too familiar with how the android manifest works in unity, encase thats the issue


Have you fixed the issue? I am having the same issue, if you have any solution please let me know. Thanks.


Yup, the issue is the requirements for logo design on specific devices, In my instance your either allowed or forced to use black and white, or black/white with transparency etc. Something along those lines. If the guidelines are not followed its grey

I see, what is the icon size that you put? And what is the path correct path? I found someone says it is under res/raw, and some are saying it is under Plugin/Android/res/drawable. etc. What do i need to put the icon to?

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