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Missing support for Typed Arrays

Your blog (as well as a support ticket) claims that the Cloud Code JavaScript engine has been upgraded to Rhino Which should include support for Typed Arrays.

However, trying to use any Typed Arrays causes a runtime error. For example this code:

        var typedArray = new Uint8Array([1, 2, 3, 4]);

Causes this error:

        ReferenceError: "Uint8Array" is not defined.


Why can't I use Typed Arrays? Was the Rhino version downgraded from I tested my code locally in a Rhino shell and it works just fine there.


Pádraig has responded to a support ticket I opened (

"I'm afraid the definitions mentioned in that blogpost are in fact unavailable. We will have the documentation adjusted to reflect this. We apologize for the confusion.


However, that response does not answer my question. And no one has responded to my follow up questions that I replied with 5 days ago. 

Could you tell me what, exactly, is and isn't available? Preferably here so I don't have to wait for the unnamed "documentation" to be updated.

Here is the official list of what's implemented in Rhino. If you could tell me what version you are on and what features on that list are not available that would be really helpful. Rhino had support for Typed Arrays as of 1.7.6.

It's really difficult to code for a language when you have no idea what version it is or what features it supports.

Additionally, I can't find any references to Rhino in your documentation at all, save for the two links I mentioned earlier (which are not documentation pages). You should really devote an entire documentation page outlining what Rhino is, how your implementation differs from the standard, and then link out to the official Rhino docs.

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