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Minor Matchmaking issue

Ok. so There doesnt seem to be a way to *cancel* a MatchMaking request..


My game is an online pvp 1v1 game. So I want people to look for a match and be matched as soon as possible and start the game. So as soon as a match is found I start the game.


Because of that I cannot set the threshold time very long. Eg If I set it for 40 seconds, then a person could make the request and then stop seeking  a match before the 40 seconds is over, then another person could seek a match and they'd be matched with someone no longer seeking one.


To get around this I have my threshold set for 3 seconds. Every three seconds when I get a match not found response I make another matchmaking request. If the player wants to quit the seeking match screen, it waits until it gets another negative response to quit.

So, this has been working fine..

Except now I have introduced the concept of skill. It would be good for players of the closest possible skill level to be matched together, except, because of the above I cannot set any threshold longer than 3 seconds, so I cant really implement different thresholds as described in the docs.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Brian,

I would recommend that rather than repeatedly re-initiating a very short match you configure your match to have multiple, longer thresholds using relative values for skill. For example:

A player can cancel their matchmaking at any time by sending another MatchmakingRequest with the same shortCode and matchGroup and adding an extra field - "action":"cancel".

Try this out and let us know how it works for you.



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