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Authenticate as dedicated server To update player data

Hey all,

What is the right way for a dedicated server (Unity c#) to update players data ? 

Lets say i have a player who won a match and i want to reward him with x amount of currency,

how does the server authenticate to GS ?

I know you can achieve that with cloud script but how do you prevent the user from accessing the custom event and grant access only to the server to update the data ?


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Gamesparks has good docs on how to do all this, so I'll just give you the keywords you need.

I would create a new "Credential" for your dedicated Unity server that is configured to allow access to custom events you create, and then disable access to those events in the default "device" credential.

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Hey Ryan , Thank you for the guidance.

I am not sure how do you use the credentials 

Is it with API call like :

new GameSparks.Api.Requests.AuthenticationRequest() ?


I need to send a web request to some URL ? 

If you can give me an example would be great.


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