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Looking for Photon replacement but concerned about authentication. Anonymous possible?

I'm a PS4 developer and we've been using Photon but are not happy with them and are looking for a replacement.  I started looking at your platform but the first thing that concerns me is requiring users to have a login and authenticate. With Photon, there is no requirement for users and we don't want our players to have to create an account before they can play online.

Is this a requirement or is there any way we can use the platform without this?  We have no need for user analytics at this point.

Hi, You can use DeviceIdAuthenticationRequest as long as you can get a jnique id (maybe the ps4 has unique id for the hardware). I'm pretty sure there is a psn auth connector for gamesparks. So the user would authenticate with active psn account (every online ps4 game needs a user to have a psn account right?). These solutions still do "auth" but don't require the user to set up an"account".

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the info. I did find a tech note from Sony about using GS for networking and the issue isn't straightforward at this time. I've noticed there aren't many replies from tech support here.  Is there not much support for GS?


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