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Get message id on construction from cloud code


I'm currently implementing a custom friendlist on GameSparks.
I have everything working except a tiny detail: when a player sends a friend request to another player, I dispatch a ScriptMessage to the targeted player as follow to notify somebody wants to be friend:

    //Send a friend request notification to the other player
    var friendRequestMessage = Spark.message("FriendRequestMessage");
        "senderId" : senderPlayerId

However, our player can cancel a friend request before it has been accepted.

Doing so, I remove the friend request from my database but I can't find a way to dismiss the message sent when the friend request was first made, resulting in, possibly, multiple "FriendRequestMessage" being dispatched to a client on connection if somebody add & remove somebody else multiple time.
I would like to avoid that by storing the messageId of my FriendRequestMessage and dismissing it if a player ever cancel the friend request.

I found Spark.dismissMessage(messageId) in the documentation but I can't find any way to get the messageId from the message variable constructed using Spark.message("FriendRequestMessage");

How could I achieve this result in GameSparks ?


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same doubt here.

did you solved it?

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