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Leaderboard seems to be resetting daily (it's not)

I posted a ticket but have just read it may be ignored for a few days as they would like this sort of issue posted here.

Only today's events are being returned from LeaderboardDataRequest(s), (the reset on the leaderboards is set to weekly).

When I look via the Test harness, all the high scores are there, but both AroundMeLeaderboardRequest and LeaderboardDataRequest only return today's scores.

I've clearly misunderstood something. Any help would be appreciated.

Test Harness (returns all entries):

{   "@class": ".LeaderboardDataRequest",     "dontErrorOnNotSocial": false,  

"entryCount": 10,  

"friendIds": [     ""   ],  

"includeFirst": 0,  

"includeLast": 0,  

"inverseSocial": false,  

"leaderboardShortCode": "CountryxLevelxTime.CountryCode.AU.LevelNum.3",   "offset": 0,  

"social": false,  

"teamIds": [     ""   ],  

"teamTypes": [     ""   ] }

My code(only returns today's entries):

    new LeaderboardDataRequest()             .SetEntryCount(10)         




.SetLeaderboardShortCode("CountryxLevelxTime.CountryCode.AU.LevelNum.3")   .Send((response) =>         {

When I look at the console, only today's results are there.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys

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