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Unreal Engine Multiplayer

I'm a beginner game developer on the unreal engine. And I want to make a game online shooter (mmorpg). I have a few questions. 1.GameSparks supports unreal engine if I'm going to do mmorpg? 2.GameSparks supports various operating systems simultaneously: android, ios, windows, play station. so that all participants can play with each other regardless of the operating system, and that the user could play their game on different devices (for example, can I log into my account with an android or ios)? 3. How does the game I create work with GooglePlay or AppleStore?
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I can't give you any official statement, but as far as i know multi platform support should work since you just connect to Gamesparks, no matter what platform you are on.

You can for sure do an MMORPG with Gamesparks but keep in mind they are not a server host.

So you would need to write a ton of server management logic.

Like i said not 100% sure with all i said, but thats just the information i have.

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