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PayPal integration

Hi GameSparks,

I've been using PlayFab for a long time, and I've really enjoyed using their software. However, I felt like many parts of PlayFab are either missing or very limited. So I decided to finally give GameSparks a go, and I must say, I'm impressed. I was annoyed registering with an email address wasn't supported, but using your cloud code system I implemented that myself.

The one thing that is truly holding me back from using GameSparks however, is that it doesn't have any support for PayPal. I have no doubt that I'm able to implement this using your CloudCode system, but I have no clue where to start. I've checked out the PayPal Express Checkout documentation, and that didn't help me too much either.

Is there anyone that has a working PayPal system? All I want is to be able to pay for either virtual currency, or a virtual item with PayPal. If this can be added, I'm definitely switching over to GameSparks, because PlayFab has built-in PayPal support.

Thanks in advance!


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