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Is GameSparks right for my game?

I'm trying to determine whether or not GameSparks will works for my game and need some help.
So far I've only added Authentication with DeviceID and Facebook which works great.

My game is focused around user-generated content, where players create levels and share them with others.
The downloadable/uploadable asset size limit would make it impossible for our levels to be hosted by Gamesparks so we'll look into using S3 directly. Now I'm wondering whether or not the database for the levels can be hosted on Gamesparks.
Basically we want leaderboards for every level (could potentially be 100.000 leaderboards), as well as being able to have a level browser with good searching and sorting based on a number of factors (the 5 indexed fields in a Game Data Type doesn't seem nearly enough for that).
Is this feasible with GameSparks or should we start looking at AWS for our level database and just use GameSparks for user authentication, currencies and achievements?
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