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ELI5: Data Types vs Runtime Collection?

For some reason, I'm having trouble grasping Data Types after being used to Runtime Collection.

I made a new game for a "test branch" and trying to duplicate my old game exactly, but I can't make runtime collections, anymore. The docs focus on what it can DO, examples of them separately, but I can't find mention of how they differ from runtime collections.

Let's say I have "customPlayerData" runtime collection. Inside, each doc looks like this:

  "_id" : "<playerId>",
  "someStr" :"fu",
  "someInt": 0,
  "someArrOfObj" : [
        "bar" : true
    { ... }

I would access this via Spark.runtimeCollection("customPlayerData") and col.find() queries.


How would I do the same thing with data types? And accessing them? And find queries? This is still Mongo/nosql right?

Thanks! I don't know why I'm having so much trouble grasping this concept - maybe I'm too used to runtimeCollections.

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Also, what are the advantages of data types? You can easier make indexes and set them up via UI?

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