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Tracking Uploaded Files

I'm following along the tutorial on uploading binary content via unity's www to the player's database in xml format on the cloud.

After uploading the file, I use the UploadComplete message to create a link in the player's scriptData to track what files they've uploaded.

A player can have multiple files like: compendium or spells.

Now, my question is that I would like to save the file after it has completed downloading and I do that by creating a new event once I receive the UploadComplete message. But I would like to know who sent the file. Is it possible to add parameters via the www form and is there a way to retrieve this from the UploadCompleteMessage?

Additionally, is there a better way to create the upload links without needing to go thru the UploadCompleteMessage?

Code snippet below:



public IEnumerator UploadAFile(byte[] content, string uploadUrl) { yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame(); // Create a Web Form, this will be our POST method's data var form = new WWWForm(); form.AddBinaryData("file", content, "compendium.xml"); //POST the screenshot to GameSparks WWW w = new WWW(uploadUrl, form); yield return w; if (w.error != null) { Debug.Log(w.error); } else { Debug.Log(w.text); } } //This will be our message listener, this will be triggered when we successfully upload a file public void GetUploadMessage(GSMessage message) { //Every time we get a message Debug.Log(message.BaseData.GetString("uploadId"));

new GameSparks.Api.Requests.LogEventRequest()
                      .SetEventAttribute("Param", "{\"system\":\"5e\",\"myFile\":\""+ message.BaseData.GetString("uploadId") +"\"}")
                      .Send((response) => {
            if (!response.HasErrors)
                Debug.Log("Data Saved To GameSparks...");
                Debug.Log("Error Saving Data...");

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