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GS should run an ES6-to-ES2015 Babel-like parser for CloudScript

If you can't beat 'em, workaround 'em!

Since Rhino contains a depressing lack of ES6 features that are becoming very standard very fast, how about a workaround like your own parser similar to Babel, for those familiar with npm?

Whenever we click the "save" button, GS simply runs a ES6-to-ES5 task which wouldn't take much juice to do it.

Heck, I bet there's a native Java/Rhino version that may work out of the box!

There are countless benefits to this, one being it's a bit embarrassing to tell others that this bigshot Microsoft-owned back-end only allows for ES2015, you know ;D I literally got made fun of the other day when I was trying to convince someone and I thought .... that could've so easily be a sale for GS and +sanity for existing users.

This is an ideal way to stay ahead and do your users a favor ;D

Ask for some of that Microsoft funding to help get in in there ;)
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I think you mean Amazon - not Microsoft.

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