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CoronaSDK socket errors


I've decided to use GameSparks for my new CoronaSDK game, unfortunately since release I'm getting tons of the "_socket" errors.

Here's the traceback:

1.0.5 | scenes.main | overlays.messagebox | ?:0: attempt to index field '_socket' (a nil value) | 
stack traceback:
	?: in function 'send'
	?: in function '_sendFrame'
	?: in function <?:805>
	(tail call): ?
	/Users/jenkins/slaveroot/workspace/Templates/label/android/platform/resources/init.lua:203: in function </Users/jenkins/slaveroot/workspace/Templates/label/android/platform/resources/init.lua:190>


And logs from the gameanalytics:


Is there a way to fix those errors?

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Looks like the CoronaSDK is no longer supported :(
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