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Lock Cloud Code files from multiple editors

Is it possible to lock Cloud Code files from others when a tab has been opened on an actively-connected browser?

While git could definitely be used to manage conflicts, the Cloud Code editor is such an excellent tool for teams to work on game code without a local dev environment. It would be easier to implement than real-time shared editing like GDocs while preventing loss of work.

What about some sort of notification that the saved version is newer than one being viewed?

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Better solution will be prepare script set for synchronization local code with GameSparks and working with external tools rather than GameSparks editor.

Right now I have very, very simple script for uploading scripts and working with WebStorm and real code repository like GIT (tracking changes, easy reverts, versioning, feature branches) is much easier... And will be nice to get official script set to get this job done better - uploading only changed files, deleting on GameSparks deleted locally files, generating GameSpark specific skeleton files for requests, responses, etc.

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