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Offline Turn-Based Multiplayer

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build a game where you can start a game and find a random opponent by using matchmaking system. However, all the samples seems like they all working online. I want to achieve something like this:

1- Players enters game, starts searching a oppnent.

2- Matchmaking joins two player in a room.

3- Second player closes its application

4- First player makes a move and ends its turn

5- Second player gets a notification that its his/her turn now.

6- First player doesnt wants to wait, so (s)he starts a new game with someone else

7- Now (s)he has a list of games they are active and showing whose turn it is.

8- Second player could make his/her move 3 days later etc.

I think this gives a bit idea about what i am trying to do. And i cant find tutorials or examples how to achieve this, how to store turn data so when players opens the app, how can they sync data, how could they get all active game list (or even list of completed games) or an automatic game ending when one of the players doesnt makes move for example in 72hours etc.

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