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How to properly store cards like Hearthstone without limits?

So i've done some reading, the normal docs and a few tutorials. Now you promote the hearthstone example and support staff is also answering on sites like reddit that gamesparks is suited for a game like hearthstone but is it?

Isnt the 5000/MAU API limit being reached i no time?

I can only have 5 fields on indexed data on a game data object, that's not enough if you have to track: attack, defence, spawncost, ability's is it?

It says something about a limit of 500 game data (is this per table or 500 tables?) If the first then i cant have more cards without a nasty hacking solution?

Also i might overlook this but i can't find an option to insert data just using json? Now i have to manually type every card in the Data explorer 1 by 1.

After some thinking i'm gonna clearify my question:

If i have a heartstone like game where the card has a play cost, attack, health, 1 or more effects (think taunt, deathratthle on some card) and 1 more unique property i need to store for that card, the 5 fields are not enough are they? Now i could make the effects (taunt etc) a string that acts as an array, but then where would i store all the logic? Do i need to program some cloud node that effectid 1 always is taunt? I'm not sure this is the most effective method at all.

Then there's the 500 game data question, is this in total number of records or is this 500 entries per table or is this 500 game data tables?

And last: I have my own data on the cards and i can export it to every format i want, but there is no way for me to import this into game data is there? Since you have to manually type the ID in the ID bar i cant just export it to 1 big json file that i can upload each time i made modifications to my cards or can i?


For the game data service, I believe there is a way to insert data externally through the REST API:

check out this doc:

For the other questions, i'm afraid i cant help you, good luck!

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