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MacOS detected as Windows in Unity (deviceOS)


GS: SEND:{"@class":".DeviceAuthenticationRequest","deviceId":"xxx","deviceOS":"WINDOWS","deviceType":"Desktop","operatingSystem":"OSXEditor","scriptData":{"clientVersion":"0.8.2"},"requestId":"xxx"}
GameSparks.Platforms.<DebugMsg>c__AnonStorey0:<>m__0() (at Assets/GameSparks/Platforms/PlatformBase.cs:481)
GameSparks.Platforms.PlatformBase:Update() (at Assets/GameSparks/Platforms/PlatformBase.cs:290)

I am using MacOS but deviceOS is listed as WINDOWS. This is by using Unity and debug build settings. 

Hi Rakiv,

What version of our SDK are you using here ? Is it a Mac build or are you running from a Mac editor ? 



Hi Liam,

I was using SDK

I am running iOS builds in a Mac editor ( detected as "operatingSystem":"OSXEditor" btw).

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