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Multiple Game Support

 I am working on a multi-game user system. Essentially, a user can log onto the first game (a fantasy idle game), play for a while and get some rewards then log off. Then later, they log onto the second game (a 3rd person action rpg) and they can then receive their rewards from the first game from a chest (or something similar). 

I understand that theoretically I can just have a shiz-ton of custom data arrays which are specific to each game (my first game, I am storing building data as "game-user-index" for example. If the player wants to find their Main Hall building, they do a GetBuilding event query with inputs of user and building name. It then queries the Building database for their data).

My question;

Is there any inbuilt functionality for this? I know its unlikely but GameSparks has shown itself to be pretty versatile and I though I would ask.


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