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Realtime scripts - createLogEventRequest

I have spent quite a while trying to figure out how to set the event attributes values.

There are 3 or 4 posts related to this function but each one seems to show a different way to do this. 

All of which do not seem to work.

Finally the only thing that actually seems to work is

#1 You must name your event attribute names all lower case.

#2 You must use the function setxxxxxx(value) where xxxx is your lowercase attribute shortcode.

There seems to be no other documentation mentioning this anywhere.

Why would the API change like this. The other I have used seem to respect the actual shortcode of the attribute and make no restrictions on it(case).

If the setter functions are being auto generated on the object why not just use the actual shortcode name.

Can you please clarify here or add documentation somewhere about this.

I assume others are probably having the same issues or will.

There also still seems to be no documentation on RTRequestBuilder. I have seen this mentioned in other posts as well.


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