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Unity Leaderboard Entries


I'm currently working on the Unity SDK along with the Facebook SDK to let the users post a score and retrieve entries from the leaderboard. Specifically, I'm using the AroundMeLeaderboardRequest method to retrieve my Facebook friends' score, which seems to work fine, To test it I'm using the default Test Users functionality provided by the Facebook Developer portal. However, while this method seems to do the job, it's often not returning the same friends, although I didn't change them on the Facebook portal. The social parameter is set to true in the query as I only want to retrieve my friends' score, but if I set it to false it always retrieves the same scores (as it should be), meaning that my problem should be related with the users being friends and not with the method itself.

Have you experienced this issue before? Do you know if it might be on your end or on the Facebook end?

Thanks in advance.

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