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GameSparks for a Tile-based MMO

Dear GameSparks Community,

I am very curious about optimizing GameSparks for a real time, tile-based MMO in Unity. I would love to hear some feedback from dedicated, experienced GameSparks users regarding my current design:

-The game takes place in a massive tile world, split into 10x10 chunks. -The player only loads the surrounding chunks, and loads more from the server as the view shifts. 

-Each tile is a document in a runtime collection.

-Each chunk is a challenge, and players loading the chunk join the challenge to receive updates in the form of scriptmessages.

-SparkScheduler is used to time player movements from tile to tile.

Please let me know if there is anything that may be a bottleneck. Should I consider the real-time platform instead? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Nalu Zou

I just wanted to ask if you were able to get your proposed game working with GameSparks? I am interested in doing something similar ( and was wondering if you could share on your experiences? Did you dynamically create challenged which players automatically joined if in the respective chunk? Did you get players to join multiple chunks or how did you handle the case of a player being at the very edge of one chunk? Did you delete a challenge if no player was in a given chunk?

Any insights would be appreciated! Thanks a lot and I hope your game came along nicely?


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