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.Net Standard 2.0 support in the C# nuget package

Given that the package already supports mono, it's highly likely that the package will already work with .Net Standard 2.0. (Or maybe even 1.4 or less).  

I'm trying to keep my cross-platform bits all .net standard, as it's supported by everything that C# would be used for.

Trying to add the package to my .Net Standard shared code project results in:

NU1202: Package GameSparksSDK 1.0.7 is not compatible with netstandard2.0 (.NETStandard,Version=v2.0). Package GameSparksSDK 1.0.7 supports:

  - monoandroid (MonoAndroid,Version=v0.0)

  - portable-win81+wpa81 (.NETPortable,Version=v0.0,Profile=Profile32)

  - xamarinios (Xamarin.iOS,Version=v0.0)

  - xamarinmac (Xamarin.Mac,Version=v0.0)

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