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ListTeamChatRequest not returning anything

Hi there, so I'm sending a Team Chat Message successfully. I get a response and can see it in the Data Explorer.

The request is as follows.

  "@class": ".SendTeamChatMessageRequest",
  "message": "Hope this works.",
  "teamId": "5aee1f4407420b05114898b0",
  "teamType": "GameChat"

 I get a response that everything was successful.

My problem is when trying to get my team's chat response, I don't get any response at all. This is what the request looks like

  "@class": ".ListTeamChatRequest",
  "entryCount": 10,
  "offset": 0,
  "teamId": "5aee1f4407420b05114898b0",
  "teamType": "GameChat"


Am I doing something wrong? I was expecting a response to be returned with the Team Chat I just sent successfully before.

Thanks for your time.

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Weird, it's working now.

Guess I just had to sleep on it. I love/hate those kinds of bugs.

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