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Can Gamesparks support content sharing like wattPad

Hi, we're looking for backend that can support content sharing between users similar to wattpad. We would like users to be able to upload "modules" that other players can view, search, comment, vote and download. 

The modules will contain mostly text and some pictures packaged by the app. 

Does Gamesparks provide any sort of support for the above functionality?

Hi Stanley,

Yes GameSparks is capable of that. 

It all depends how you want to share this data. Without knowing much about the details I'd say each module would be an entry in the database, with relevant info on who created it and the text within it and which photos appear where. If you would share more information about the module I can help you construct it better using our tools.



Much obliged Omar. 

Here's a little more detail. 

Users will create the module which is composed of text and images. We will package the module into a single custom object. (this can change depending on what is supported)

Users can then choose to "share" these modules and the modules will be uploaded to Gamesparks along with a database entry. 

Other users should be able to view the modules through a searching page where they can search by title, by creator or by certain tags. 

They should be able to download and comment on the modules. 

Are these the details that you are looking for?




This helps with figuring out the distribution which will work as follows:

You'll have 3 events (Custom API):

- One to create a module

- One to query and return a list of relevant modules

- One to rate and review modules

The module, as I said before will be an entry in a database, here's a visual representation:

The module database:


Unique ID for entry: "Super Cool Module" : {"text":"This is the first line n/ this is the second line", "title":"Super Cool Module", "tags":["cool","hip"], "creator":"5790ce781474e7048f6a06e7" , "images":[{"icon":"apple","location": [12,23]}, {"icon":"orange","location": [12,40]}],

Unique ID for entry: "Intellect Module" : {"text":"This is the first  line n/ this is the second line", "title":"Intellect Module", "tags":["educational","clever"], "creator":"5790ce711474e7048f6a06a5" ,"images":[{"icon":"hat","location":  [12,23]}, {"icon":"scroll","location": [12,40]}]


This is just an example, modules might have one photo or a set amount of photos so you wont even need a location for them, you'll know the first photo will go in one specific spot then the second photo right under.

You will have a second database for the review of those modules, the ID of the entry here has to correspond to the same ID as the first database, here's an example:

The module review database:


unique ID for entry: "Super Cool Module" {"reviews":[{"written review":"this module is bad, not so super","stars":1, "playerID":"5790ce711474e7048f6a06a5"},{"written review":"this module is awesome","stars":5, "playerID":"5790ce781474e7048f6a06e7"}]}


The reason for this is because the review database will keep growing, and becoming heavier and not every player that accesses the module stats will want to know about the reviews. You might just want to keep the average star rating of the module in its stats database.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Omar! This is a great starting point. 

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