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Is there an example for Unreal AI Setup?

Is there an example for an example with added AI and Unreal?

Currently experimenting with spawning AI_BPa dynamically per playerX, then sending an OPCODE to playerY, who spawns a different AI_BPb (without behavior tree), and then sending movement updates based on AI_BPa.

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So there is a datatable based on a structure with two actor classes, the first the usual AI BP, the second the same without behavior tree, just the base class with basic settings

An example of this approach can bee seen here

I would like to know if there is a more efficient way to do this. This approach works for spawned entities. To do: generalize settings depending on players connecting/disconnecting (in above example the code is not yet optimized, ie. spawned AI does not show walking animations if the match creator did not triggered the AI spawns (is not the owner). 


There's no example yet. We might build one however, it is a good idea.

I recommend making sure that information isn't sent every frame, but rather every 10th of a second and interpolating the movement and maybe predicting it. You have to also keep in mind host migration, when PlayerX has all the info and disconnects, you might have to pause the game for a bit while PlayerY recieves on big JSON with all the information necessary to become the host or carry on the game and start processing data instead of just receiving it. 



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We might build one however, it is a good idea.

I fully agree :) 

we need help , please give us an example quickly.

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