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Inserts to Custom Data Type from Unity

Hi, my name is Víctor Martínez Llamas and I'm new using gamesparks.

I'm developing an Android Online Game and I would like to store custom data as Player, Inventory, Objects etc...

I discovered the Data Types here, in gamesparks and I created a Player class with " username " "password" and "email" attributes but I dont know how to insert a new registered user in this data type.

I know gamesparks gives me a player class with all the registered users but I want adittional attributes and for this reason I need my own data type.

¿ How can I insert a new player or a new purchased object by a player from Unity ?

Plis guys, I'm not understanding how to use GameSparks as a Data Base with Unity.

For example, If I want to create an Inventory Class with objects, how can I insert new objects from Unity to GameSparks database ?

Any tutorial available for this ?

Hi Victor,

We have a tutorial on storing and retrieving data using the Game Data Service in our documentation. I'd recommend you work through this and let us know if you encounter any issues or have any further questions.



Okey, I'm following a lot of tutorials for understanding Cloud Code and Data Types but all of this tutorials are based on play them into my GameSparks account. What I want is to integrate this with Unity and I cannot find any good tutorial to do this.

In Unity I know how to log in and sign up new users using gamesparks but not how to manage custom data... Any advise plis ? 

Hi Victor,

You'd need to create an Event in GameSparks with an attribute to accept the data you wish to store, then send a LogEventRequest with the data from Unity. You can find an example of this in our Unity Cloud Code tutorial.



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