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Privacy Policy for End Users

Hi, In context of GRDP I‘d like to understand what data is collected by Gamesparks. I understand that this depends on the implementation, but how about the base set of data gamesparks collects? I‘m using the deviceauthenticationrequest. From the player collection I can see that the location and a device I is stored. How about IP addresses you store in your backend? Are they anonymized? If not, is there any way for me to anonymize them? Thanks, this helps me a lot!

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Sorry again for the formatting, I‘m writing this on my iPad. Seems to be a bug in the Forum


In lieu of details, could you please provide a link to your privacy policy and practices, so we can include this in our privacy policies? This seems to be the standard approach for compliance of third party services (such as yourselves, Google's AdMob etc). We need something to ensure compliance, as from what I can tell so far, there's no way for us to be certain we've create a legally compliant product with the options you currently provide on any of the GDPR search result topics on your support forum or pages.



Hi all,

Please raise a ticket with support so that we can handle these requests with you on a one to one basis.



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